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2018 – 2021

Phase 1 :  Foundation and Platform Development

1. Q1 2018: Formation of the GDTT team with extensive experience in technological
2. Q2 2018: Launch of, an online tech news platform providing
updates and detailed information about the tech industry.
3. Q3 2021: Launch of, an online education portal offering free access to
thousands of courses.
4. Q4 2021: Introduction of the “Metaverse Masterclass” course on,
focusing on virtual reality, blockchain, and social interactions within virtual

2022 – 2023

Phase 2 : Expansion and Collaboration

1. Q1 2022: Continual expansion of’s content and readership,
establishing it as a leading tech news platform.
2. Q2 2022: Launch of the “Tech Talks” column on, featuring
interviews with prominent talents in the tech industry.
3. Q3 2022: Strategic partnerships with industry leaders, technology companies, and
educational institutions to enhance collaboration and knowledge exchange.
4. Q4 2023: Preparation for the Ocean Themed Metaverse Project, including concept
development, technical infrastructure, and partnerships with metaverse experts

2024 – 2025

Phase 3 : Metaverse Project Launch and Events

1. Q1 2024: Launch of the Ocean Themed Metaverse Project, offering users an
immersive virtual world centered around oceanic themes.
2. Q2 2024: Organization of the Tech Expo in the Metaverse, providing a platform for
technology companies, startups, and individuals to showcase their innovations.
3. Q3 2024: Continual development and expansion of the Ocean Themed Metaverse
Project based on user feedback and market trends.
4. Q1 2025: Launch of the Tech Hunt Contest, inviting technology enthusiasts to
participate in challenges and competitions showcasing their skills and expertise.
5. Q4 2025: Further integration of GDTT as a payment method in bill payments,
e-commerce transactions, and the gaming industry, promoting wider adoption within
the tech industry.

2026 and Beyond

Phase 4 : Growth and Ecosystem Expansion

1. Continuous improvement and expansion of and
platforms, incorporating emerging technologies and industry trends.
2. Collaboration with global technology communities, organizations, and investors to
expand the GDTT ecosystem and foster innovation.
3. Introduction of new educational programs, courses, and initiatives to support the
continuous development of talents within the tech industry.

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